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Top Ono 4 Pack w/Free 6" Pearl Head

If you're looking for a starting base of good Ono lures then this is the pack for you.
We designed this pack so you can set it out and have the confidence to know that you are fishing with a batch of proven Ono killers.

Here's what you get in this pack.
1. 2 HAF Heads. X1 Vader and X1 Ice blue.
These are two of our most productive HAF heads for Ono. These can run anywhere in your spread but in this set up we like them on the corner lines.

2. An Ali'i Hawaiian tiger Invert.
This is our version of a very productive old school color "Rootbeer". In the old days this was a staple color for both Ono and Ahi.

3. Ali'i Alive Opelu Bullet.
Most serious Ono hunting is done on the inside ledge where the water is a more blueish green rather than deep blue. Green is an ideal choice in these waters and this is about the only time I will run a green lure. Bottom line is Ono love green.
Run both Ali'i lures on your riggers.

4. Free 6" Pearl Head.
This is a sought after head that we rarely make and we are giving it to you as a gift. This one will catch you fish where ever you go but on the ledge you can run it on the deep center for mahi and small tunas that hang out on the ledge.
" Choose the rigged option and we will skirt the head for free as well"

** We cannot guarantee 100% availability of the skirts pictured at the time of your order. In the event we are out of stock of the skirt in the picture, we will make every effort to match it with an identical color of another brand or similar color and style. 

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