Ahi Fever Super Set

Whether you're brand new to Ahi fishing or you just want a security blanket when you're having a dry run this Super Set is for you!

These are our top producing and proven Ahi lures that we've been using year after year to get consistent results. If you're new to Ahi fishing, then these lures will save you time and money by taking the guest work out of which lures and which colors to run.

This Super Set will take the trial and error cost of fuel, supplies, and wasted time out of your learning curve and give you the confidence to know that the lures you are running behind your boat will catch you Ahis if you find them.

If you have been frustrated in the past and you don't have the time to invest in trying to figure it out on your own then this pack will help you!

In this set you get 5 of the lures from our video on Ahi lures. Plus a free Moke Bullet in The Dirty Monkey and hat!

See our video- 6 Lures For Catching Ahi in our Captains log

The lures you will be getting in this set

- 9" Moke bullets

      x1 in Blue/Salmon

      x1 in The Purple Milky

- 9" Moke Inverts

      x1 in Ice Blue

      x1 in Black/Purple

-x1 Tsutomu Lure Bag

Plus a 9" Moke Bullet or 7” Ali’i Bullet in The Dirty Monkey and trucker hat!

There are very limited supplies of this Super Set so get yours now. Winning teams are made in the off season don't wait or these will be gone!

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