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Ahi Fever Tournament Set w/Free lure

If you're interested in catching a tournament winning or your personal biggest fish this is the set for you!

Targeting the biggest Ahi requires a shift in mindset that is similar to the sift you need to make between hoping you catch an Ahi and specifically targeting them.

You miss almost every time if you don't have a target to aim at. Here we set a clear target for you. I'm trying to catch the fish that I will remember and talk about for the rest of my life.

Everyone remembers and talks about their biggest Ahi. We may loose count of how many we've caught over time but our biggest one will be burnt in our memory forever.

Here we put together our top choices for targeting your dream catch PLUS added a tournament winning lure for Free!

In this pack you will get the following,

- 9" Plus H1 Premium 

       x1 in Da Amaebi

       x1 in Horned Puffer

       x1 in AKu fo Real

- 9" Plus Jetted Kona Dragon

      x1 Purple Malolo

       x1 Yellowfin tuna

- FREE 9" Plus H1 Premium Tournament winning OG Purple Milky valued at $130


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