7” Pau Hana Series: Black/Purple

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This 7” combo is my favorite lure for all around fishing. This is one of my best mahi combos, onos smash it and it will catch a great share of large Aku and small marlin. 

Some years back when I was helping run a friends boat we found a area that must have had a underwater rubbish.

As we trolled around looking for the rubbish we were getting a lot of bites.
We always used to have lure challenges back then and my friends lure was biting good. He was busting my balls a bit and rubbing his lure to rub it in that it was getting a lot of bites.
It was all in good fun as it’s always fun when the fish are biting but after awhile it was time to show him what’s up. 
I called down to my cousin from the bridge to swap an experimental lure I was running for “Black Magic”. He threw it out on the corner pole and it instantly got smashed by a big mahi. This lure combo continued to get smash until my friend finally jokingly hung his head and asked for a beer.   

Give this one a try and I’m sure it will be your favorite work horse. 

 7" Pau Hana bullet will run just below the surface then come up to skitter along top like a fleeing flying fish. Easy to pull from any position, this one will take its share of all species. 

The Invert runs straight with a small pop, deep dive and a heavy trail of smoke.  The invert shape runs well in all positions and can handle rough conditions or high speed.

Head length: 2" head weight: 3 oz.  total length: 8"

** We cannot guarantee 100% availability of the skirts pictured at the time of your order. In the event we are out of stock of the skirt in the picture, we will make every effort to match it with an identical color of another brand or similar color and style. 

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