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Trolling Speed For Ahi

July 19, 2018

Trolling Speed For Ahi

What is the right speed for catching Ahi?

Well I’ve caught them going 11 knots just trying to get home and I’ve heard of many guys catching them when their dead stopped fight an Ahi and another one grabs the Lure dangling from the outrigger.

If I had to pick one speed for catching Ahis it would be SLOW. 

Some of the reasons I prefer slow are:

1. Your engine makes less noise at a lower rpm.

2. Your boat doesn’t pound the water as much. (ever stood next to a fish tank and stomped on the ground? Fish don’t like that)

3. Your boat leaves a smaller white water trail making your lures easier to see. 

4. Most of the bait in an Ahis stomach are small silver dollars, shrimp or squid and those small baits can’t swim very fast.  There’s a theory out there that an Ahi sees your lure as a cluster of these tiny baits rather than one whole bait. 

5. The longer you can keep your lures in the strike zone the better your chances of getting a bite. 

When I’m extra excited because it’s early morning or I see guys hooked up around me I remind myself to slow down rather than charge around tearing up the ocean. 

Personally I like between 4.5 and 6.5 knots depending on the sea conditions. If it’s flat calm I’ll try 6.5 to 7.5 knots, maybe throw a plunger out there for some splash and hope to hell a Marlins not around. 

Try slowing down when fishing for Ahi. The 8.5 to 9 knot theory we read about in books and magazines are more for marlin fishing. 

Hope this helps some of you as I’m sure your Fever is as high as mines.

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