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7" Ali'i Series: Salt & Pepper

Let us fully rig you lure for you. We use 300 pound mono and SS hooks

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Today we bring back another Classic series lure the 7” Ali’i salt and pepper.

With so much tradition behind it Salt and Pepper always seems to capture peoples attention.

I have a great story from when I just got back into fishing. I was fishing with my dad and some friends and we were heading home because I had to work that night. It was one of those long days, slick calm water and no action. 

We were turning the corner outside barbers point when up a head we saw bombs exploding across the water and before we could get to it there was big Ahi all around the boat. 

At that time I was very into blue water spearfishing and I distinctly remember thinking if I had my gear I could shoot one. That’s when every pole we had out slammed down and started ripping line. 

I don’t remember exactly but from there it went something like couple came off and some got cut off when other fish bumped into the line and we didn’t get any fish. 

My dad yelled out to tie on new swivels as he ran into the cab. He came back out with three salt and pepper lures. I wasn’t making lures at that time but I can still picture those lures laying on the engine box before we set them out.

I think we made another pass and everything we hooked came off and the next pass we got two monster Ahi and lost one or two. Luck wasn’t on our side much that day and she made us work for those two fish.  

We got back to the harbor in the dark and I got to my job like 4 hours late but the memories from that day and the picture of those salt and pepper heads are burned into my mind.


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