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Consulting Services: Meet Your Guide

As a 3rd generation fisherman, Garrett Lee was raised on the waters of Hawaii. From as early as he can remember, Garrett's Grandfather, Father, and Uncle taught him everything there is to know about catching award-winning fish and respecting the ocean.

In 2004, Garrett set out on a mission to create a superior lure capable of attracting and catching world-class fish. He knew that if he wanted to catch fish that were going to break records, he'd need a world-class lure to do it with. So he created Tsutomu Lures.

In 2010, Garrett competed against 200 other boats in the Ahi Fever Tournament. As the Captain of his boat, he led his team to win the largest overall Ahi in Hawaii’s largest Ahi tournament. 

2014 Ahi Fever

But that wasn't the only time Garrett has had a podium finish for pulling some monster Ahi's out of the water. In 2014 he captained the 2nd largest Ahi overall in The Ahi Fever Tournament. 

And although Garrett is a humble fisherman and you won't catch him boasting about his catches, you will find others who will tell you about all of the 200lbs+ trophy Ahi he's known for pulling into the boat. Especially the day he caught 226lbs, 231lbs, and 242lbs Ahi’s in a single day!  

So far, Garrett's largest Ahi is 255 pounds!

Today, Garrett spends his time trying to keep up with the demand for his world-class Tsutomu Lures and helping others enjoy the thrill of finding and catching Ahi.

If you're new to the sport and would like to dramatically increase your probability of catching some nice big fish, Garrett is willing to help. He can either meet with you and answer all your questions through a consultation or come out with you as a guide. Click here to book your appointment.