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About Us

Discover the beauty of Tstuomu Lures and let us help you put more blood in the box...

Established by Garrett Lee in 2010, Tsutomu Lures is fueled by his passion, sense of innovation and longstanding love of the ocean. Fishing, diving, surfing or just being near the sea is his way of life. With the establishment of Tsutomu Lures, everyday he is living the dream.

Tsutomu Lures produces high-quality handcrafted big game lures made in Hawaii. Each lure is individually poured, shaped, fine tuned and then polished to create some of the finest trolling baits around. Our custom fish head inserts are a beautiful alternative to the standard tinted shell models and fish eat them up.

Created locally in Hawaii and proven worldwide, these lures are fish catching works of art that will be a great addition to your trolling pattern. Tsutomu Lures also offers gear, including t-shirts, hats, hoodies, shorts and other lifestyle items. Our original ahi logo was created by local artist, Mark Mizumoto and continues to be an OG favorite for everyone. 

In 2016, the company grew with Keola Hayes joining the team. As our team and collection of items we were developing grew, we decided we needed to update our logo. After a lot of late night "conferences" over beers and hours on the water, Tsutomu Lures adopted the anchor.  Here's the thought and meaning behind it. 

The sea is within us all.

Whether you are a fisherman, sailor, surfer, diver or just enjoy sitting at the edge of the ocean taking in the serenity - the sea moves us. A timeless symbol of our seafaring heritage is the simple anchor. 

The Tsutomu anchor is symbolically upside down as it represents our unwillingness to sink - no matter what. Perseverance and striving for excellence will always be a foundation for our company. This motto stands behind everything we produce and deliver to you as our customer. 

We stand behind it 100%.

As Tsutomu Lures continues to grow within the market, to develop and test new lure designs and to build our product lines, these values remain at our core: