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The Ultimate Starter Pack

Let us fully rig you lure for you the same way we rig ours!

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Are you just starting to adventure offshore to hunt the thrills of big game fishing?

It’s a big ocean out there and this journey can be confusing and frustrating when you’re starting out.
That’s why we put together the ultimate starter pack! 

We designed this pack to provide you immediate value but also long lasting benefits as you progress from just wanted to catch something to wanting to target the toughest big game species. 

Here’s what you get in this pack. 
1. A pair of our highly sought after 5” Aku Bones. 
These lures are great for small to medium size tuna, mahi mahi loves bite sized bait, and it will take its share of ono. 

2. A pair of our HAF Heads. 
These small and heavy lures will stay down and help to prevent tangles. They work great for catching onos and ahi but all fish eat them. 

3.  A pair of our best 6” Poke lures. 
Our original meat lure. This one was designed to put food on the table. It’s slim profile makes it easy for all types of fish to inhale it. This is another one that has proven time after time to catch small Aku and trophy size Ahi. 

4. Finally a pair of our 7” Pau Hana Series. 
When you want to try for something bigger but are still afraid that you will come home bolo head these are the go to lures.
Big enough to get the attention of trophy fish but small enough to keep the meat species like mahi and ono interested. This series is our most popular for the recreational fisherman.  

** We cannot guarantee 100% availability of the skirts pictured at the time of your order. In the event we are out of stock of the skirt in the picture, we will make every effort to match it with an identical color of another brand or similar color and style. We will also notify you before proceeding which may lead to a delay in your order.

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