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6" POKE & Dragons

TOP CHOICE! 6” Poke: Ice Blue

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 I normally only run big lures during Ahi season to avoid by catch and to maximize my time targeting Ahis.
This past summer I decided to run some small lures for the sake of making videos. No fish at all means no video content to post and there’s always akus around during ahi season.  
On this day we had just put an ahi in the boat. With video content secured I thought about changing out my ice blue Poke invert to a 9" lure but before I could act on my thought the corner ripped down with our second ahi of the day.

This again proves the point that the 6” Poke series is a time tested and proven meat maker.
Check out the video at the bottom of the page.  

This little lure is designed to put meat in the box. We named it Poke because it has proven to catch everything from small Aku to 200 plus pound Ahi and everything in between. Even on tough fishing days you can count on it to put something in the boat so you can make a bowl of poke.

Its smaller profile makes it the perfect bite-size bait that all species will jump on.

If you’re looking to bring home food to eat the 6” Poke Series will do the job for you.

Poke Series lures have always been a hot item but because of the time it takes to put the detail and quality into this tiny bait we are very limited in how many of them we can make per batch. Be sure to grab one while you can!

** We cannot guarantee 100% availability of the skirts pictured at the time of your order. In the event we are out of stock of the skirt in the picture, we will make every effort to match it with an identical color of another brand or similar color and style. 

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