Limited Edition Purple Shell Jetted Scoop


Limited Edition Jetted Scoop!

I remember the day we tested the original of this lure well. We just caught an Ahi and the water was pretty rough for our little boat so we only put out the two corners poles as we slowly tried to make out way to calmer waters. We were watching the Jetted Scoop work when suddenly an Ahi exploded on it. It seemed to happen in slow motion less than 100 feet from the boat with splashes and yellow sickles flying out of the water.

There is no doubt that this style of lure a popular choice for all species. A scoop face lure will pop and smoke then turn to either side before coming back up to pop again. This one features extra length and weight which provides an easier target and a good swimming action from the scoop.

** We cannot guarantee 100% availability of the skirts pictured at the time of your order. In the event we are out of stock of the skirt in the picture, we will make every effort to match it with an identical color of another brand or similar color and style. 

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