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Dustin of Get Sum Lures has been a supporter of Tsutomu for years. You may have seen pictures of his son Miles rocking our apparel on Instagram.

I recently found out that he makes these lures because they both love fishing and catching off of the lures they make.

This grassroots beginning is how I started Tsutomu close to 20 years ago and after talking to some of my Kona friends and confirming the effectiveness of Dustin’s lures I really wanted to support them and help spotlight his lures. 

I picked out these packs for opelu fishing but they can be used for shallow bottom or shore fishing. 
When you’re trying to catch opelu for bait it can be hard to pinpoint what color they are feeding on that day.  
It’s a good idea to start with a mix of colors and then switch out to multiple hooks of the color that’s working best. 

I chose 3 packs that would be a good combination for your starting spread. Grab a set and help support a great local family. 

This 3 pack includes. 
X1 set of Holo
x1 set of #7
x1 set of Sapphire 
24 pieces per set and a total of 72 lures. 

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