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Secrets of Ahi Fishing Seminar

New to Ahi fishing or looking to catch them consistently?
Let us help you avoid the frustration, wasted time, and wasted money it will take you to learn how to consistently catch Ahi on your own. Our decades of experience and thousands of hours spent on the water can help you learn faster and cheaper than the trial and error method.
In the Secrets of Ahi Fever Seminar we will teach you and your first mate the specific skill of targeting and catching Ahi on a consistent basis rather than relying on luck.
We will walk you through what you should be doing before during and after a day of fishing to build your skill into a powerful force.

This in person class will also allow us to help you with your specific challenges with dedicated time spent on Q&A.

If you've been successful in some other aspect of life it's highly likely you had a coach, mentor, father, or some other guidance to set you down the path to success. With these influences you could take key baseline lessons and build onto them as you gained experience.

Here we act as the baseline for you to build your skill into an effective and consistent Ahi fisherman. A skill that pay off and get better year after year .


Your ticket covers a seat for you and your deckhand.
Seminars will be held in our small showroom so spots are limited.

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